“Who has believed our message?”

It is now time for God to reveal His complete word, all truths that have been hidden in the past shall be revealed to the world. “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” This ‘gospel of the kingdom’ refers not only to the saving gospel of Christ, it also encompasses all of God’s truth in the bible, for they shall be preached throughout the whole world, to all nations, and then the end will come. On that Day, no one can give any excuses for not turning to God, to feign ignorance or to deny knowing the truth.

The Day of the Lord is imminent, for He is already at the door! All who have not come to receive the Lord, ought to do so now before it is too late! Believers who are lukewarm, ought to rekindle their love for Him now before He returns!

It was by God’s leading, that the writer was given a period of five years to complete an in-depth study of the bible, and during this period, he received many precious teachings and instructions from the Lord. In the next ten years of his life, the Lord allowed him to go through great trials and testings. That through the sufferings he had experienced, he may understand and appreciate the truths that have been revealed to him. Subsequently, through God’s providence the writer together with a few fellow brothers in the Lord came together and established this website. For God is the Lord of all things new, not only are His revelations new, even the mode that He has used to spread His word is new.

Bro. Samuel is in-charge of the English translations, since his teenage years, he has accompanied the writer in evangelism work involving visitations and bible studies. Just five years ago, the writer has begun teaching him how to interpret the bible. The intention then, was to nurture him to become someone useful for the Lord. By God’s grace, today he has taken on the responsibility of the translation work of this website. Jehovah Jireh – for the Lord is our provider, all these are beyond what we can foresee or plan, but everything falls into places in accordance to the providence of our all knowing and all powerful God.

Bro. Wei Jie is the webmaster of this website and aided in the design and the setting up of the webpage. He is also the writer’s nephew. At that point of time, amongst the brothers and sisters we knew, we could find no one that was familiar with webpage design. Who would expect that help was to be found just before our very eyes, the Lord has prepared the writer’s nephew who has an education in web design. Furthermore, he was enthusiastic to be part of this spiritual work. God has provided all the necessary resources, now all we need is for God to shower His blessings from heaven and prosper His work.

We are filled with great excitement and anticipation. With such extraordinary revelations of God, what kind of response could be expected in these end times? Would we expect a great revival or just a few appreciative individuals? Let us wait upon the Lord and witness His mighty work!