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On the night of Jesus’ arrest, Peter took a sword and cut off the ear of one of the high priest’s servants. After Jesus healed the ear of that servant, He reprimanded Peter, saying, “Put your sword back in its place… for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” Clearly, Jesus did not want His disciples to use swords to defend themselves against His captors. All this while, Peter had misunderstood the words of Jesus and failed to perceive the true meaning of “buying a sword.” That very night was the triumphant moment for Satan – the Prince of Darkness, and the evil of man’s heart reached its peak. They were not even afraid to kill the Son of the Most High God. Satan did not overlook Jesus’ disciples and tried to sift them as wheat. He made use of this trial to bring out the worst in them, enticing them to sin and forsake God. At the moment when Peter drew his sword, he lost this spiritual battle against Satan; for he had forsaken the teachings of Jesus to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

The Lord through the buying of a sword, wanted His disciples to guard against Satan which was a thousand times more fearful than the Roman soldiers. With the “sword” the Lord wanted them to protect their hearts which were a thousand times more precious than their lives.

On that very night, the entire mankind failed including the disciples. Only Jesus remained perfectly alert and vigilant in both body and spirit. Even in extreme pain and agony, Jesus did not sin either in words or actions. The Lord had fought a victorious battle for the Father, accomplishing His eternal salvation plan for mankind. The “sword” of the Lord is indeed invincible with no equal in the world!

Under the cruelty of the cross, the Lord was silent like a lamb before its shearer. With such meekness and humility, no one would have expected the “sword” of the Lord to be so mighty and powerful! With His “sword,” He gave Satan a fatal blow on the head, completely crushing his authorities and powers; with His “sword,” He split the veil that divided God and Man in two and opened up a true and living way for sinners to enter into eternal life.