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Perhaps some may think that a spiritual person such as Paul would never be so “proud” as to compete for the same glorious resurrection as our Lord Jesus. Therefore, what was mentioned in the passage must be referring to the resurrection of the believer’s soul during conversion. However, we are not thinking right, because the whole idea and desire did not come out of Paul but rather it was the desire of our Lord Jesus Christ! It was Jesus’ desire that each and every believer could attain to what He had attained – that perfect and most glorious resurrection! “But I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me,” Paul knew the heart of the Lord, he knew that Jesus saved him in order that he might pursue and one day become as perfect as Him.

Hence, Paul strived with the aim of becoming completely like the Lord. He knew that he had yet to attain Christ’s perfection and it was unlikely that he would ever be as perfect as Him. Despite this, for him to reach the fullness of reward that God had prepared for him, he needed to pursue this standard of “perfection.” Dare he in any manner lower his standards to pursue anything less than Christ’s perfection, he would forfeit his attainment of the full reward that God planned for him to receive.

All Christians who are fully committed unto the Lord should make the striving of becoming completely like the Lord our goal in life. Although we will never be able to achieve Christ’s perfection, we are surely able to reach the level of spiritual maturity which God calls us to attain through His enabling power.