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Ninety-nine sheep were worth almost a hundred times more than one sheep, why did the shepherd choose the one lost sheep over the ninety-nine that were not lost? The good deeds of ninety-nine righteous persons were a hundred or even a thousand times more than that of one sinner, why then did the Lord choose the insignificant sinner over the ninety-nine righteous persons? What principles did the Lord use in making His choice?

The gravest mistake made by the Pharisees and scribes was that they thought that God measured a person’s value similar to how they measured people. What was so different with the one lost sheep as compared to the other ninety-nine sheep that made its worth far excelling the rest? The reason was simple, for the salvation of the lost sheep was the result of the shepherd’s immense hardships from enduring the dangers in the wilderness. Now the value of the lost sheep no longer laid in itself, but depended upon the great efforts and sacrifices that the shepherd had put into saving it. For the higher the price paid, the more we would treasure; and the greater the sacrifice made, all the more we would love. To save sinners, the Lord paid the highest and greatest price by sacrificing His life on the cross. Each and every sinner has been purchased with the life of our Lord, and therefore each and every sinner is as precious as His own life. Not to mention ninety-nine Pharisees and scribes, even if there were thousands and millions of them, they would still not compare to a single saved sinner purchased with the life of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Pharisees and scribes measured the value of a person by the number of his good deeds, however, God did not look at how many good deeds a person had done but rather by how much He had sacrificed to save that person. When the Son redeemed a sinner with His own life, that sinner had become as valuable as the Son of God Himself. God no longer viewed that person as a sinner but rather regarded him as precious as His Son Jesus Christ. It was not that the Pharisees and scribes were worse off when compared to the tax collectors and prostitutes, but the one that they could never truly be compared to was Jesus Christ their Redeemer, the Almighty God and Lord of the universe!