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In the present age of preparation, there are many who choose not to turn to God but continue in their sinful ways, this number far exceeds those who repent and turn to God. Those who rejected God shall end up bearing the consequence of their own sins and finally find themselves in the fiery depth of hell. However this is not the situation that God wishes to see, His sole desire is for every single person on earth to be saved and that none would perish (1Timothy 2:4). This is why whenever God passes out His sentence to destroy sinners, His heart is filled with anguish. God is love and He does not desire anyone to come to condemnation. He sincerely desires that everyone would come to repentance and be saved. Even though the price of building this eternal world is hefty, yet God’s determination to accomplish this heavenly kingdom is sure and steadfast. Even if God was given a second chance to recreate this world, He would never hesitate to do as per what He has done, for it is already the most ideal way.

The world we live in today is fast deteriorating, not only is the natural living environment turning averse, man’s moral standards have also plummeted. All these did not happen due to God’s miscalculations when He first created the world, but everything was within the plans of God, with the purpose of bringing in the new eternal kingdom that He truly desires. And this is the purpose of why God created this material world we have today.

The preparation for that new world is coming to an end, the spiritual kingdom is coming soon. We should not continue to be resentful and lament against God for creating man though knowing that we will sin, and for putting us into hell. This argument simply cannot stand – it is unreasonable and illogical – it is a blatant allegation against God, accusing God of unfounded sins. If anyone ends up in hell, it can only be due to our own doings, because we have sinned and yet chose to indulge in the pleasures of sin rather than to repent and turn to God. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We ought to thank God for He has already prepared the way to salvation; so that all who are willing can come freely before Him to be saved and gain entry into that most beautiful and glorious heavenly kingdom.