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His Word Only

Our Mission

HisWordOnly.com is a free Christian resource website. This site aims to address bible passages and spiritual truths that are difficult to understand. It is our intention, through this website, that believers will be encouraged to read the Bible more diligently, to better understand God’s will and to become faithful followers of His commandments. We have also dedicated a section to answer difficult questions asked by non-Christians and also gospel related articles for anyone who would like to know more about the faith. May the Lord prosper His work and cause His Word to shine like the morning star in this fallen age.


We thank God for the publication of the first volume of “Difficult Passages in the Bible” in English. The books will be available for order online soon.

2021 Plan:

  • Articles are being edited on this website, especially those translated to English, to make it easier to read and understand.
  • The interface and layout of this website will be re-designed, to enhance the ease of online reading.
  • We earnestly seek the continual prayers and support of our brothers and sisters in the Lord, thank you!